Our Dream

Children are so innocent. When they come against enormous challenges, they need and deserve all the support they can get. We view it as God’s test of how we react to making their lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For this reason, everything we do is “For the Children” and not for financial gain.

Our dream is to put the magic into Christmas for the special children of Oklahoma that have physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual impairments; have experienced the traumatic effects of disaster; or the stress encountered when their military parents must work long hours or are deployed.

To make our dream come true, we plan to take our property in Minco and build a family-oriented venue called “Candy Cane Village,” where we can serve these children more effectively.

Candy Cane Village will be a place where they can come, relax, and feel comfortable to enjoy the activities of the village without fear of judgement, discrimination or ridicule, in a non-commercialized setting. Today, just about every facility meets the basic requirements of the Americans Disability Act (ADA) Guidelines. These requirements are designed to address overall disabilities. However, they don’t necessarily meet all the needs of every individual’s disabilities. We aim to far exceed these guidelines when we plan, develop and build Candy Cane Village.

We want Candy Cane Village to be a place where disabled or challenged children can be normal, and “normal” children can come and learn to relate to those who are “different” in an accepting environment where all can participate.