Following the footsteps of St. Nicholas – serving the children of Oklahoma


Mission Statement

21st Century Santa, Inc, is a faith-based non-profit organization that presents the magic of Christmas to families with children that exprerience a challenge in their young lives. What kind of challenges? Any and all challenges—Santa does not discriminate nor show favoritism. Serving the children of Oklahoma is our number one (#1) priority and it is our desire for each child to believe they are the most important person on earth—in God’s eyes, and in Santa’s eyes.


During the Christmas season the only gift worthy of celebrating is the gift God has given us, the Birth of Our Lord and Savior—Jesus Christ. Throughout his lifetime, St. Nicholas showed extraordinary faith in God and lived his entire life by the principle that it’s far better to give than receive. We at 21st Century Santa, Inc., strive to follow St. Nicholas’ example of faith in God and basic principle of life.


21st Century Santa, Inc., strives to accomplish these goals/objectives all year long, not just during the Christmas season:

  1. Serve and entertain God’s special children that face life with challenges. We strive to meet the needs and dreams of children with physical, social, intellectual, developmental, economical, or medical challenges.
  2. Provide children affected by disasters with individual specialized needs as well as new toys. During times of disasters, a child’s loss of all their personal items and toys can have as much of a traumatic effect on them as loving the family home has on the whole family.
  3. Support the children of active duty, reserve and National Guard personnel, veterans and disabled veterans of Oklahoma in time of need or deployments. Children of military parent(s) can experience stressful, disturbing, and/or shocking influences when their parent(s) must work and/or are deployed for long periods of time, especially around Christmas time.