Who can be Santa's helper?

We would be honored if you could share your time and talents with our organization.

“But what do I have that you need” you ask?  If you love children with challenges and vulnerable adults then you have what it takes to volunteer with us. There is always something to do.

The Christmas season is usually the busiest time of year, but with disaster services as a facet of our mission it can become quite intense at these times as well.

The property is evolving in preparation for the start of the building process, so hands are always needed with that.

Program development is another area in need of wonderful ideas and willing hands to carry them out.

Do you have the gift of being able to fund-raise? We would certainly love your help!

What are the benefits?

There is nothing like the smile of a child. And there is nothing like being able to warm the heart and bring a smile to the face of a child going through a crisis.

You can help make this happen with your donations to 21st Century Santa. And, you can experience it for yourself by volunteering a little of your time to help make the vision and ministry of 21st Century Santa happen.

Ways you can help now

Property clean up

Fence removal


Office work




Coming events

We are located on 15 acres on Hwy 37, just east of Minco, OK. We need volunteers to help transition from farmland to Candy Cane Village and Candy Cane Lane.

The Minco property is partially fenced. The old fencing needs to go, and eventually be replaced.

As we clean up our property, we find things that need to be sorted for recycling.
In addition, if you have scrap metal that needs to be recycled, you can donate it so the organization can benefit from selling it.
Either way, we can use help handling and sorting it.

There is a wide range of things to do our around our office—data input, brochure stuffing, mailings, phone calls, maintenance, stuffing gift bags….

If you have a talent for fundraising, we are always looking for ideas. In addition, we can use volunteers to help staff fund-raising projects like our Candy Cane Classic Car Show, Where’s Rudolph Motorcycle Ride, and other projects throughout the year.

Yes. Believe it or not. If you like to shop, have we got a deal for you!?!
Often we have lists of specific needs, and we need help shopping for the items we give away—from shoes, clothes, winter hats & gloves, toys, games, personal hygiene & toiletries.

Contact us about the specifics

In our blog – The Candy Cane Chronicle – and coming newsletters we will list current needs for help. This will include events, help at the office, work around the property and help with programs both on and off site.
However, this list does not by any means limit your help, if there is something that you think would be of service or you have an idea, please share!

Words From Familes We've Served

How Can I Become an Elf/Volunteer?


An interview in person will be required of the volunteer, or the parent, guardian or advisor.

2:Age requirement

You must be at least 18 to volunteer on your own. However, we welcome people less than 18 with parent, guardian, or advisors of legal age.

3:Family Groups

Families are encouraged to work together, since this fosters not only a good work ethic, but sets the example for community service.

4:Senior Citizens

You are an indispensable gift. You can help in accordance with your abilities. We especially encourage you to help with office work - stuffing envelopes, brochures, gift bags, phone calls. These things help us tremendously and give you an opportunity to serve indoors.

5:Groups and organizations

This is a tremendous service opportunity for church, school or service club groups. For example, National Honor Society student can earn service points toward their requirements for NHS. Church groups - consider it a "stay at home" mission project. Because of our participation in VOAD and other agencies that respond to needs and emergencies, we find the needs, and you can help us meet them.