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Empty Jar – Full Heart

This article written by Mrs. Claus – Terri Bloomberg

This past December, during the waves of wish list deliveries for the children affected by the Spring 2019 storms and flooding in Oklahoma, our organization encountered exceptional pride, gratitude, and love. The human spirit never ceases to amaze us.

It was during the second delivery of wish list bags to the families affected by the flooding that we were especially taken back by an act of true, selfless, agapé love. While tending to the coming and going of families picking up their bags all day, a client received her family’s bags and supplies. Shortly afterwards, she returned from her car with a Styrofoam cooler. In the cooler was two one quart mason jars filled with homemade chicken vegetable soup with noodles. Not only was that soup hot, but she provided us with crackers, spoons, bowls, and napkins—everything we needed. The jars even had red and gold bows on them!

When we asked what this was about she said, “You have given to us all day, and you need to eat!”

Oh my … Have you ever been so intent with what you are doing, and you’re in that goove, then suddenly you realize … just stop … look …

Heavenly Father has sent this meal via His hands through this beautiful client. Not only did she feed us with sustenance, she fed our souls. As we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:14-16), we are given opportunities to serve others. Just take a minute to look around you on a daily basis to assess the needs of others can lead you to so many amazing things.

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