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    New website: working through a glitch with the contact form – please email directly to “” or call us. If you choose to use the form, and we don’t get back with you in a day or so, try again, or call, as some messages are not getting through yet.

    Contact By Email

    Use the contact form, or send an e-mail to

    Do you have a need or know someone who does?  Send a description of the need, and how we may contact you for follow up.

    General questions: feel free to email questions about our organization.

    Would you like to volunteer? Send an email and tell us a little about your background, why you’d like to help, and whether you want to donate a day, or volunteer on an on-going basis.

    Would you like to sponsor 21st Century Santa, or sponsor a specific cause or an event? Send an email and let us know the best time and method to contact you to follow up.

    Contact By Phone

    Call 580-301-4538; or 580-301-4539;


    Come To See Us

    Whether you have a need, would like to volunteer, sponsor, or donate, or just want to get to know what we’re all about, we would love to meet you in person.

    Please call ahead and let’s make an appointment that will work for both of us.