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Special needs children have long been a focus for 21st Century Santa. We strive to meet the needs and dreams of children with physical, social, intellectual, developmental, economical, or medical challenges; children affected by disasters; and children of active duty, reserve, and National Guard personnel, veterans and disabled veterans. Sometimes that means delivering toys to individual families. Sometimes it means going to the site of a disaster to not only hand out toys for the immediate comfort of children, but to also assess needs for on-going assistance.

Each year the number of children we serve increases. We support these children all year long, whether at Christmas, after a disaster, or meeting a child’s individual needs. There is a constant need for toys and other gift items for children, plus we provide a goody bag of several small items like toys and blankets to children in Head Start and Hospital Rehab. Our organization greatly appreciates every donation we receive, no matter how large or small.

Current needs include funding and improving current children programs; developing new programs; shelves for storing toys and other supplies in our Operations Center; equipment for moving and storing supplies [like hand-trucks, lifts, etc.]