Children of Military Families

Helping children of deployed military
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When a parent is deployed in active-duty military service, their children often need additional support and encouragement. This is a cause that is dear to the heart of our founder, being a retired career military serviceman himself.

These children often need reassurance and a sense of security. A visit with Santa, a gift of a toy, blanket, clothing, or personal care items, a play break – all these things can help bring comfort in times of loneliness or uncertainty.

If you know of a child who would benefit from a visit with 21st Century Santa, please contact us and make us aware of the need. If there is a need for help with gifts for birthday or Christmas, again, please contact us. And please consider donating to help us with these needs as well. Donations to our general fund, or to Children’s Dreams, will provide resources for us to reach out to the children of our military.