21st Century Santa, Inc. is faith-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that was incorporated in 2009 and is currently based in the Oklahoma City suburb of Blanchard.

We believe that through our Santa Claus ministry we are able to reach children and adults, who might not otherwise experience the basic tenets of Christianity.  It is our life’s work and passion to widen this outreach effort.  We are specifically focused on meeting the needs of children, who face challenges in life—life-threatening disease, natural disasters, physical or mental handicaps, poverty, difficulty in school, foster care, parents in the military or some type of abuse.  

For the past 15 Christmas Seasons, we have traveled throughout the state of Oklahoma visiting children with various needs.  While this is very rewarding, we have found we are spending more time on the road than visiting with the children.  This is the primary reason, we are developing “Candy Cane Village” so we can stay in one location and bring the children to the village.  We will be able to serve more children each year and provide them a hope-filled experience in a safe and nurturing environment.